The Different Types of Womens Shoes That You Should Have

This article will talk about the different types of shoes that every woman should have. Keep in mind that SpendLess womens shoes are different from any other kind of shoes. You’ll need to be able to tell the difference so that you can come up with the best pair on the market. As said above, here are some of the most common types of shoes that you will need to have for your shoe collection:

Womens ShoesBallet Pumps

First on the list is the evergreen ballet flat, which is an obvious choice for us to include. These babies offer extreme ease of use and severe amount of comfort. It’s an everyday pair that’s perfect for casual wear. It was also the ideal recovery shoes when you wore high heels the other day. Good for walking, running or even standing, these ballet pumps are great for running errands and making sure you won’t miss the bus when you’re on the rush.

Classic Trainer Sneakers

Here’s another one that you could’ve guessed by a mile away. If you’re a natural sneakerhead, you can probably guess all of the SpendLess womens shoes on this list, anyway. Classic sneakers are high all-around shoes. You can wear them for your casual strolls with friends, for your regular gym sessions, and even to pair with a stylish statement outfit when you’re going to an event. It’s a lightweight and versatile pair of shoes that you need to have on your collection. Check out some of our latest women’s sneakers here.

High Heels

Of course, every woman’s shoe collection needs to have a pair or two of classy high heels. They don’t need to be stilettos. As long as the heel is inches above the ground, you’re good to go. While they may not be the most comfortable shoes to wear, high heels can add a lot of benefits to you when you wear them. Just like sneakers, high heels are significant for any type of wear and occasion you’re attending. While it may have its limitations, you can definitely rely on high heels to elevate your appearance and make your more attractive no matter what you wear.


Finally, we also need to add a special mention to sandals. Sandals are the types of SpendLess womens shoes you want to wear when you’re going to the beach, strolling around the mall, or just having a relaxing time at the café with your friends. It’s a light and simple shoe that features straps. Whether you’re going for flat or wedged ones, sandals are an absolute essential that you need to have for your shoe collection.