Window Glass Replacement Adelaide Tips – How to Replace Glass Window Panes

Your window glass is a delicate part of your house. You might be putting a lot of time taking care of your window glass to make sure they’re in top condition all the time. However, time will come when you’ll need glass replacement Adelaide.



It’s not that you failed as a homeowner, but because it’s natural for glass to succumb to wear and tear no matter how much we take care of it. There’s also the possibility of accidents. Either way, you need to be ready to have your glass window replaced with a new one. Here are some useful tips that you can use.


Window Glass Replacement Adelaide 101 – Replacing a Broken Glass Window Pane

When you’re replacing a broken or damaged glass window pane at home, make sure you wear protective equipment. Wear appropriate gloves and goggles, and make sure you don’t wear loose clothing. Here are the steps that you should do:


● Using a utility knife, chisel scraper, or 5-in-1 painters’ tool, slowly and carefully remove the old glazing and metal fasteners around the broken window pane. Doing so will immediately expose the window pane and have it ready for removal. Check to see if there are other broken areas in your window pane.


● Once the glazing and metal fasteners have been removed, you now have the green light to extract the broken window pane from its casing. But first, carefully remove the broken glass. Wear protective gloves to avoid cutting your hand in the process.


● Measure the opening for the glass. Once you’ve got an accurate number. Subtract 1/8 inches from the height and width of the opening. That way, you can achieve a precise and easier fit for your new window glass. This will ensure successful glass replacement Adelaide.


● Cut the glass using a straight-edge glass cutter. If you don’t have one, you can have it cut for you at a hardware store or home centre. Just make sure you provide them with the right measurements to avoid any problems.


● Clean and prime the bare wood around the window. Allow it to dry.


● Set the glass pane in the opening. Make sure it’s held in place.


● To hold the glass in place, use a considerable amount of push or have the glazier’s points pressed into the frame on each side.


● Fill the opening between glass and frame with glazing putty.


● Lastly, allow the putty top fully dry before priming and painting over it.


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