The Argument for the Effectiveness of Weighted Blanket Therapy

Weighted blanket therapy refers to the process of using a special type of calming or gravity blanket to help someone relax or get that much-needed comfort to curb issues like anxiety and stress. Some people are apprehensive about it.

Weighted blanket therapy has some scientific proof to back up the claim of being an effective method to eliminate specific health issues in people.

It Mimics the Effects of a Hug

weighted blanket therapyAmong the benefits of using a weighted blanket is that it hugs you all night long. Thanks to the included weight, the blankets will cover you no matter how much you move in your sleep.

A weighted blanket works like it will hug your body, no matter which part of the blanket you’re using. The weighted hypoallergenic beads are uniformly dispersed throughout the blanket’s surface area. All the pockets weigh the same; hence,the blanket will put equal pressure on your body whether you lay in the middle of your bed or on one of its sides.

Deep Touch Pressure

Using a weighted blanket is reassuring, and it can calm you down. Thanks to their weight, gravity blankets will put pressure on your nerves, which sets off a result called deep touch pressure or DTP.

Using a weighted blanket can ease your anxiety and improve your mood. The blanket’s additional weight produces a comforting sensation, just like being hugged does. It may sound surprising, but the pressure provided by a weighted blanket resembles the strength your body produces.

Neurotransmitters like Dopamine and serotonin that are commonly called “feel-good chemicals”. They are neurotransmitter that plays essential roles in your memory, joy, and inner reward system.

If you want to do something like completing a task, passing an exam, or doing a kindness, your brain releases dopamine into your bloodstream, improving your state of mind and making you feel excellent about yourself.

Serotonin helps your brain manage your wake-sleep cycle, and it plays a role in lowering your anxiety and improving your state of mind. It is one of the neurotransmitters your brain utilises to combat the impacts of stress. By reversing the effects of stress, serotonin lowers your anxiety. It is what a weighted blanket therapy does to you.

Convenience in Maintenance

Most weighted blankets and their covers are machine washable, so they are convenient to maintain. Although you can put the blanket and the cover in the clothes dryer, you should not topple dry them to prolong their life expectancy.

Finally, a weighted blanket is like a moderate hug around your legs. It may help alleviate the signs of those who suffer from restless leg syndrome. Besides, deep touch pressure likewise promotes the production of serotonin, assisting you to feel calmer and less nervous during sleep, when the symptoms of restless leg syndrome start to appear.

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