How Do TENS Machines Work?

If you suffer from pain, one of the most effective treatments available today is TENS. What is TENS? Transcutaneous Electrical Neuropathy Stimulation (TENS) is an alternative therapy that utilizes low voltage electric current to offer pain relief to individuals suffering from various conditions. In addition, the Zoe-Tech TENS unit is beneficial in treating chronic conditions such as arthritis and muscle spasms.

What exactly is TENS? TENS is the generic term for a specialized therapy called peripheral electronic nerve stimulation. Christopher Scott Shepherd first used the term in 1984. In essence, TENS works by delivering small electrical pulses along pathways of nerves to generate discomfort and pain sensations. When applied properly, the patient receives a mild to moderate amount of discomfort or pain. The actual amount of discomfort or pain is dependent on the condition being treated and how responsive the individual’s nerves are.

There are two common types of TENS devices available. One is called a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit (TENS unit), and the other is called a steady-state machine (SEM). The difference between these two types of units is that a TENS machine delivers continuous, pulsating electric pulses throughout a patient’s pain-free condition. In contrast, an SEM can only deliver electrical pulses at specific points along a patient’s leg or arm.

As discussed earlier, some of the advantages of the Zoe-Tech TENS unit include using much less medical equipment than would be required if a patient were to undergo traditional pain relief procedures such as surgery or electrotherapy. This also makes it much easier for patients to adjust to the machine and receive targeted relief. Also, in terms of side effects, using a Zoe-Tech TENS unit has significantly fewer side effects than would be experienced with alternative pain relief procedures, although the number of possible side effects is still relatively low.

Several things make TENS much different from other pain relief options. TENS units deliver an electrical current (usually in the range of five hundred milliamps) directly into a person’s muscles. Instead of stimulating the muscles, the current travels through the nerves to the brain, amplifying the actual amount of pain experienced.

When using a Zoe-Tech TENS unit, it is important to ensure that you receive sufficient duration and intensity for your particular condition. Ideally, a good quality TENS unit should provide up to ten hours of pain relief for most sufferers. The actual intensity at which this occurs will vary depending on several factors, including the type of pain, the amount of time since the last stimulation and how you respond to the unit. Also, if you use a unit for a longer duration than recommended, this will reduce the amount of pain you experience, and there will be no overall effect on your condition. To receive the most benefit from TENS therapy, it is best to receive short burst treatments lasting anywhere between thirty to ninety minutes.