Shade Sails – The Basic Elements

A shade sail is simply a portable device to generate shade in your yard depending on the same principle as a boat’s sail. The sail is normally fixed permanently to some anchor posts or permanently mounted on posts that you can move to a new location. They are easy to install and inexpensive. They are also used in recreational boats for shading the sails to prevent the unbearable hot sun from streaming into the cabins. These devices can even be used for recreational sports such as Frisbee golf and sunbathing.

shade sails AdelaideSince these devices are made of flexible materials, they do not retain moisture like a rigid fabric shade sail. If heavy rain falls on them, the fabric will absorb the moisture until the wind safely dries it. Also, depending on how the device is set up, you can open up the sail to let a large amount of fresh air in a while, still maintaining a protective shield around you. There is usually a mesh opening at the top to allow air to flow through, while the bottom is generally solid to prevent rain from pooling on the surface. It also allows you to easily remove the top cover and wash the dirt or leaves from the mesh to allow you to continue enjoying your outdoors while having your shade sails to protect you from the harshness of the sun or any other weather conditions.

There are three basic types of material used to manufacture shade sails Adelaide: canvas, aluminium, and stainless steel. Canvas is the cheapest and most commonly used material. However, it does not provide very good coverage in strong wind. It also tears very easily and gets stretched out of shape because of constant re-tension when you get tired of sitting in one position.

Aluminium is stronger than canvas and offers better UV protection. However, aluminium is prone to rust, which could weaken the structure over time. Stainless steel is a very durable and long-lasting metal that is easy to maintain. The only drawback is that it is heavy and not very lightweight and flexible. It does not offer very good overall UV protection and is prone to flapping in strong winds.

Typically, the main support structure for the three main types of material used to manufacture shade sails is aluminium or stainless steel. The main support structure is typically built inside the sail, attached to the bottom rail via a stainless steel clip or bolt. There is an optional fifth reinforcement in the footings, which is typically made from extra-strong stainless steel. The footings are where the tail attaches to the main supports, and they generally include a bolt or clip that goes through the whole perimeter of the sail to attach to the bottom rail securely.

Shade sail sizes in shade sails Adelaide range from small single-person units to large custom orders. The smallest size of the unit is suitable for individuals who would like to add some shading to their property but do not need the extra bounce that larger shapes would. Sizes between one to two square feet are available, but larger sizes are available in custom shapes and sizes. The most popular shapes and sizes are the hexagons and the octagon. The most popular colours for the small single-person unit are black, brown, grey and tan.