Amazing Add-ons for Veranda Glass Doors

Celebrity homes feature some of the most eye-catching veranda doors you’ll ever find. This is because evolutions in the residential construction sector have allowed for add-ons that could further beautify the overall look of veranda entryways.

Glass doors are among the most favoured door types when it comes to sliding doors going to the veranda. Glass doors are not just to see through beautiful sights outside. They also have an artistic side to them that many homeowners fall in love with.

If you haven’t heard about entryway add-ons, you’re in for a wonderful surprise. These are door ideas that you can integrate into your existing veranda door. Whether it’s a painting inspired design, floral patterns, abstract drawings, lights, or functional screens, you can rest assured that you will get the best out of the investment.

Below are some of the most attractive glass door add-ons that will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your veranda doors.


Adding lights to your glass doors will not only be social media-worthy but also add a sense of comfort when you turn off the main room lights. You can ask a lighting expert to come up with your desired design, whether it’s patterned or floral.


Probably the best option among all others is SA screen doors. There are various designs to choose from, and these glass door add-ons can last for a long time with proper maintenance. The best thing about screens is these can keep off mosquitoes and other flies that could bring various diseases inside the home.

You can ask your SA screen doors provider about their package deals if you also want to add screens to other door areas in your house.

Frosty or Grainy

If you have a clear glass door, a grainy or frosty design can be added for more privacy. This type of add-on can include abstract or scribble designs that suit artists best. Private people will surely feel right at home with this door design.


If you’re someone who loves to paint or draw, or you’re just an art enthusiast who appreciates all things about colour, you can opt for a canvas-like glass door add-on. Expert installers can turn your custom idea into reality even if it’s a complicated design.

When in search of glass door add-ons, make sure to focus primarily on function. A beautiful but unreliable design won’t last you for ages and chances are, you will incur costs from constant replacements. Choose designs that offer premium performance, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the add-ons more than once in a year. Call your local provider today and discuss the options you have for your veranda glass doors.