Replacing Your Old Blinds with Faux Wood Plantation Shutters

If you’re shopping for plantation shutters for the home, you could choose either synthetic or genuine plantation shutters. Both styles have pliable benefits. The genuine shutters have been manufactured in China and have become a popular choice for window treatments. Traditional style shutters, also known as Colonial shutters, originally originated in the New England regions as an inexpensive window covering and were later used as a sort of insulation against cold winter air. Since then, they’ve been copied and used for other purposes such as decorative window treatments in colder climates.

plantation-shutters-adelaide-from-plantation-shutters-adelaideFor many homeowners, however, authentic plantation shutters are just not enough — they want to be able to cover their windows all the way, and that’s where the benefits of this type of window covering come into play. When you use curtains to cover just the lower part of your window, you’re left with an open window, with no shade whatsoever. That means that at noon you’ll be peering out into the middle of a hot summer day. 

Plantation shutters in Plantation Shutters Adelaide from Plantation Shutters Adelaide may provide a classier look and feel to the home, they’re also typically higher in price. Fortunately, there are many manufacturers who make both types of window treatment, meaning that even those on a budget can get a really high-quality product that will serve as a great home window covering. 

While you can certainly buy genuine wood plantation shutters from many retailers, the best way to save money is to buy genuine imitation pieces instead. These pieces are often available at discount stores or online at places like Amazon and eBay. These imitation products often have the same type of style, stitching, and finish that authentic wood plantation shutters have, but they’re less expensive. They also offer the same convenience and durability that genuine window treatments provide. The key to saving money on these products is to buy them during a time when they’re being sold at discount rates, rather than immediately after they’ve reached their retail markups.

Many people also choose to use faux wood plantation shutters to reduce their overall cost of owning and running a house. By simply replacing the slats in traditional blinds with vinyl plantation shutters, you can drastically reduce your utility bills by about 30 percent. If you live in an older, less insulated house, this can mean significant savings on heat loss through the winter. For the homeowner that wants to take this further, the faux wood option in Plantation Shutters Adelaide from Plantation Shutters Adelaide also offers a number of benefits including: it’s simple to clean, it’s a durable material, it’s inexpensive, and it’s environmentally friendly.