The Usual Issues You Must Deal with Your Mobility Scooter

Perhaps, you depend more on your mobility scooter for you to continue doing the usual things in life. You consider it as part of you. Thus, when the moment comes wherein it unexpectedly becomes inoperable; eventually, you will have a hard time accomplishing the things you routinely do, such as travelling and groceries.

Luckily, Mobility Scooter Repairs Adelaide are very accessible, simple and straightforward. Even if you do not carry out the repairs by hand, it makes perfect sense to at least know and be acquainted with the common issues.

Battery Problems

Mostly, scooter users do not think about the battery that much; however, if it does not operate properly, nothing else will work either. Keep it charged up to 100% to guarantee a long battery life and always do recharge the moment you notice the lights dimming or when the starter is sounding weak. There are dependable repair shops readily available for battery repairs and replacements.


Conventional types of mobility scooter tires include pneumatic air-filled tires, foam-filled tires, heavy-duty foam-filled tires, and solid urethane tires. Although the solid urethane tires take the lengthiest time to wear out, at a certain point, all wheelchair tires will need to be properly replaced. Your scooter instruction manual will guide you as to what is the appropriate type of tires necessary for your mobility device.


Armrests are well designed to be resilient and long-lasting; however, they get day-to-day wear and tear, and are frequently the first element that needs replacement on your scooter. If your mobility scooter’s armrests indicate signs of wear such as scratches, scuffs and damage, that is the moment wherein you need to refurbish or replace them.

Generally, armrests come in two lengths, the short and long. The shorter length is appropriate for people who must get close to a table or desk. The longer length or full-length armrests are usually preferred by those who have wrist problems which necessitate better lower arm support. You need to contact a dependable company like Mobility Scooter Repairs Adelaide to address your needs when it is time to fix or replace your mobility scooter’s armrests.


Generally, mobility scooter motors are well built to last a long time. However, several scooter users who have their device for numerous years may find there comes a time wherein the engine or the motor is not anymore working. As soon as the motor gets this point, it’s either you must fix or replace the motor or buy a brand-new scooter.

Numerous mobility device users might prefer to merely repair or replace the motor for it is cost-efficient and convenient. The owner’s guide will give specific information about the appropriate engine that best fit for the scooter model. Replacing the motor as soon as possible so you can keep on using your scooter is vital to your quality of life.

Your mobility scooter can make your life easier. Acquaint yourself with your mobility scooter and do your part by keeping up its routine maintenance. Go to if you need to fix something on your scooter.