Top Three Lawn Mowing SA Tips for an Overall Healthy Lawn

Many people think that lawn mowing is easy because all you have to do is cut their overgrowing lawn grass. However, this activity also happens to be a crucial one that can determine the success or failure of your lawn. In other words, if you mow your lawn correctly, you will yield a healthier and greener grass. If you mow your lawn incorrectly, your grass will struggle to survive. Make sure you perform proper lawn mowing SA by following the five tips listed below:

Make Sure Your Mowing Blades Are Sharp

Doing the simplest things like making sure your mowing blades are sharp before you do the actual task can go a long way in terms of achieving success in lawn mowing. Sharp blades cut grass cleanly, while a dull one tears the grass instead; creating an uneven edge. Jagged grass is more prone to diseases and pests.

Make sure Your Lawn is Debris-free

Before you start mowing, make sure your lawn is free from debris such as fallen twigs, small rocks, animal waste, or even your kids’ small toys. Getting your lawn mower over debris can potentially damage your mowing blades and bruise some of your lawn grass. Ensure that your lawn is a hundred percent free from debris before you start the mowing process.

Don’t Mow Your Grass Too Short

Some homeowners tend to mow their grass too short, thinking that it will ensure that they won’t have to mow their lawn again for some time. If this is your mentality, they might as well sell your lawn mower since you won’t be doing any lawn mowing SA ever again with your lawn grass all dry and damaged. Cutting your grass too short, will result in scalping, where your ground soil is exposed to the heat of the sun, drying it and killing off your lawn in the process. So unless you’re approaching the winter season, make sure you avoid cutting your grass too short.

So as you can see, lawn mowing SA isn’t as simple as it may seem. However, with these five tips, your lawn turf is sure to survive and be as healthy all year long. For more gardening and lawn maintenance tips, sign up for our weekly newsletter. We’ll send you some of the hottest gardening articles that you can find online on a weekly basis via email. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!