What Is a Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioner?

Today, Fujitsu split system air conditioners capture nearly 70% of the domestic market than the standalone window models. This is mainly because these units allow homeowners to install them in their residences, offices and sheds without the need for outside assistance. With such a kind of flexibility, one would expect such systems to be a great money saver. Unfortunately, the experience has shown that these are not necessarily more expensive than their standalone counterparts. So, if you are in the market for an air conditioning unit, the question becomes how much should you pay?

fujitsu split systemIf your primary purpose for acquiring a split system air conditioner is for use in an indoor unit, you might want to consider installing the ductless mini-split type. These units are known for their dual-hanging design. The unit has an indoor unit housing and a ductless part that hangs from the exterior wall. A fan draws air from inside the indoor unit and blows it into the outdoor unit.

An indoor unit also comes with a compressor and a refrigerant. These components are typically optional but can be a great option if you live in areas where the temperatures rarely go below 55 degrees. The Fujitsu split system air conditioner compressor and refrigerant are then linked to each other via a standard compressor valve and a common refrigerant reservoir.

When considering how much you should pay for a split system air conditioner, it is essential to note that many homeowners opt to have the compressor and refrigerant installed by professionals. Some homeowners, however, do not have the time or inclination to install the components themselves. In this case, they opt to purchase an installation kit. These kits come with everything you need to install the system – including the ducts, evaporator, condenser, and compressor. When you buy these kits, make sure that you choose one with a manufacturer’s warranty and a money-back guarantee.

Split air conditioning units allow homeowners who live in areas where the temperatures are often uncomfortably warm to get cool air into their homes at a more comfortable level. If you want to learn more about Fujitsu split system air conditioner units and which types are best suited for your needs, it is essential to do a little research. Talk to a sales representative at your local hardware store to determine whether the particular unit that interests you is the right choice. Ask about the different types of companies on the market, how each type is different from others, and your options regarding refrigerant and compressor size.

Before making any decisions about buying a new air conditioning unit, it is essential to ensure that your existing unit is not leaking. Most split air conditioners have a drain pan under the condenser, which can be used to check for leaks. Before placing any money down on new equipment, be sure to perform routine maintenance on your existing unit to keep it running optimally. Leaks will eventually occur, and if you don’t fix them, you may replace the entire unit instead of simply switching to a new condenser. Since a leaky unit wastes energy and causes you to pay more for your cooling needs, spending a few dollars on routine maintenance now will save you money in the future.