Brass Door Handles – How to Clean Them Naturally at Home

Brass door handles and hardware are a great way to add a touch of class to your home. They can be quite expensive, though, so you may want to consider a few ways to save money on this purchase. First of all, try to use a cleaner designed for brass. There are many available online or at your local hardware store, and they are very inexpensive. Cleaning brass can be tricky, but it’s not impossible if you know what you’re doing. The main thing to remember is always using a polishing cloth when cleaning because brass is very easy to scratches and damage.

You can buy oil-based cleaners for your brass door handles and other metal hardware that are making to clean those surfaces. If you have these on hand and try to clean them with a water hose, you won’t get the shine you want. For this reason, many people prefer to wear polishing clothes instead. Polishing cloths are a great investment in your cleaning supplies because they are specifically designed to remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints from your metals. They also make removing dirt and fingerprints easier by forming a film on the surface of whatever you are trying to clean.

When buying your polishing cloth, consider getting a few extra ones. Polishing cloths come in many different varieties, and some of them are more suited to cleaning brass door handles in Brass Handles in Adelaide. Your local hardware store should have a few varieties available, or you can always look for one online. Some polishing cloths will even allow you to clean lacquered brass knobs. This may seem unusual at first, but this method of cleaning brass keeps a doorknob lacquered for years.


Another alternative for brass door handles and other pieces of brass door furniture is soft cloths. These can work well on items such as mirrors and coat hooks. Soft cloth door handles are especially useful if you have an item made of brass with a scratch or ding. If you use a soft cloth that is too abrasive, then you could cause a scratch in the metal, which would be impossible to get out. However, since most people do not have pieces like this in their home, soft cloth door handles are an excellent alternative for most homeowners.

For heavily tarnished brass door handles, you might need to get to the cleaners that specialize in this type of cleaning. These cleaners have high-pressure solutions that will severely damage almost any tarnish on the metal, including brass. If the tarnish is not that severe, you might be able to clean it using ordinary household cleaners and polish. However, before you start using this method, be sure to test any solution you plan to use on an inconspicuous part of the item first. This ensures that you do not ruin anything you are trying to clean.

For more severe cases, you can move on to professional DIY methods. Some people work as contractors for companies that do custom polishing on brass items in Brass Handles in Adelaide. These DIY methods can often be much gentler than those you would use at home, but they can also be a bit expensive.