Verandahs: A Practical Home Investment

Verandahs have been a prominent fixture in Australian architecture way back during the 1850s. It is not surprising that until today, both residential and commercial buildings utilise such structures. The architectural designs of verandahs have evolved from traditional to modern styles through the years, but its purpose remains. Many people value this outdoor structure as it offers convenience and practicality.

The benefit of investing in a verandah for your home is not limited to its aesthetic appeal. Verandahs allow for the addition of living space and protection from harsh weather elements. Aside from these, it also presents the opportunity to save money over time. One way to be assured of a favourable investment is by installing Verandahs Adelaide. We will discuss in this article the three primary reasons why investing in a verandah is a practical choice for homeowners like you.

1) Provides Aesthetic Appeal

Almost all people consider aesthetics as a major deciding factor when investing in home projects. Fortunately, verandahs can bring the refreshing splendour you desire for your home. Your home doesn’t even have to be of a particular style as verandahs perfectly fit all styles ranging from traditional, contemporary, neo-classical, Mediterranean, and modern. Extra features such as blinds, awnings, and grills can add to the overall aesthetic and style of your home. Installing a Verandahs Adelaide will give an eye-catching finish to your home that neighbours will surely envy.

2) Promotes Outdoor Interaction

It is no surprise that most people prefer the outdoors because of Australia’s ideal climate. The only things that can stop them from spending time outdoors are the harsh weather elements such as intense heat of the sun and heavy rains. But with verandahs, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and excellent weather conditions without having to worry about the elements. During the summer, verandahs provide shade and additional cooling area if installed with fans, while during the winter; verandahs can be turned into an extra room if fitted with a heater to keep the cold away. Aside from being the perfect venue to enjoy the outdoors by protecting from the elements all year round, verandahs encourage energy saving as it eliminates the need for heaters during the winter season and air conditioning during summertime.

3) Increases Value to Property

If presented with two identical homes in the same neighbourhood but one of which has no verandah, the majority of the homeowners will prefer the house with verandah regardless of the price. It merely means that investing in Verandahs Adelaide will increase the value of your home in the real estate market. Verandahs do not only make your home more attractive but also more functional. While it is true that a substantial amount of money in spending in its installation, considering the corresponding increase in home value must also be considered, investing in Verandahs Adelaide will undoubtedly see you exceed your investment for the years to come. Verandahs Adelaide will help you make your dream home come true!