Determining the Signs That You Need a New Car Battery

The battery is one component of your car that it can never ignore, especially when it starts acting up. To say that it is an integral piece is an understatement. The reality is that it is indispensable, which means that without it, you never can start the engine. Likewise, it is the one responsible for powering up the electrical components of the car, including the headlights, dashboard, stereo, outlet, and others. So, if the battery is malfunctioning or dead, your vehicle will fail to serve its purposes.

Mercedes ServiceCar batteries have different lifespans, and the reason is that there are a handful of factors that will affect its condition, including that of the quality of the product and the way you maintain your car. But the safest bet is that a typical battery will last about four years. But then again, external factors could shorten that estimate. If you reside in a locality or region where winters are frequent and harsh, expect your battery’s lifespan to be shorter than the average.

The next occasion you take your car to a BPBAuto Mercedes Service, don’t forget to ask the mechanic to check on your battery. The thing with car batteries is that some of them won’t show any warning signs or maybe car owners like you are not well-informed on the signs that the battery is dying. In this blog post, we choose to give you the ways to determine those signs indicative of an immediate replacement.

1 – You observe that your engine has a slow start in it.

You never can avoid the scenario when the components of your battery start wearing out. When it happens, the battery becomes a lot less productive. Consequently, the battery fails to create or will take longer to charge for the starter. You end up waiting a few seconds or minutes before the engine to start. A slow start is indicative of the last days of the life of your battery.

2 – You notice your lights suddenly dimming while you also experience electrical problems.

The role of the battery is to provide power to the electronic components of the car, including the lights, radio, and the dashboard. So, if the battery starts losing its charge, it will make it harder to power up those things. Therefore, you will notice signs like dimming lights and failure to charge your phone in the power outlet. Once you see these signs, the best option for you is to go to your trusted BPBAuto Mercedes Service for a qualified mechanic to make the correct diagnosis.

3 – The check engine light turns on.

Another telltale sign that you may need to replace your battery is when the check engine light suddenly turns on. It could mean other things like a severe issue with the engine, or maybe the spark plugs failed. But it likewise could be because of the lack of battery charge. Again, your most practical solution is to take your car to the auto service shop right away.