Looking for a Chair Hire in Adelaide? Check This Out!

If you have ever wanted to enjoy a romantic, leisurely and comfortable evening of dining, then choosing chair hire Adelaide is definitely the best way to go. The last time I was in Adelaide I saw some really good cafes. These cafes weren’t like any I had ever been to before; they were so stylish and completely unique. You could feel like a star on a night out with your special someone — a fantastic idea for any person looking for something special.


One of the best places to get a great chair is in the city centre. This is because the Adelaide City Centre is the heart of the CBD. Everything is right around the corner, and you don’t need to go far from your office to find a great coffee shop or a perfect restaurant. I think I enjoyed sitting in this cafe the most, as it was very quiet and private. I was eating a cinnamon roll and enjoying my cake, whilst the waiter was washing the glasses. It was such a great way to sit back and relax and not be disturbed.


Chair hire Adelaide is an ideal way to experience the CBD from the comfort of your own home. This way, you can really have fun and enjoy all that the CBD has to offer. There are also many great restaurants, cafes and bars in the city centre. Adelaide is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Australia and you can also find everything from authentic Thai food to the latest gourmet food in an eatery within walking distance of your office!

Kids Party Solutions

Are you looking for a simple way to keep the kids entertained then look no further than Kids Party Solutions!kids party solutions

We are based in Launceston Tasmania and provide children’s entertainment. Our aim is to provide you and your children with a fun and worry free experience for your next function or event.

At Kids Party Solutions we can manage your special event, from the planning stage, right though to cleaning the premises after the event and anything in between.

Some of the services offer by Kids Party Solutions are as follows:

Face Painting
Temporary Tattoos
We have a great range of pre colored water release Temporary Tattoos designed for you to apply in a few seconds’ we can even make your own School, Sporting Group or Corporate logo into a tattoo. This is a cool idea especially for sport teams with different emblems. Lasting up to one week on the skin or can be instantly removed with Baby Oil or any perfume and are and FDA Compliant.
Balloon Twisting
Be entertained by one of our balloon artists while they create your design
Balloon Twisting Workshop
Our Balloon Workshop will teach the kid’s to make 3 basic balloons & a mystery object
Jumping Castle
Let your children have a great time hire a jumping castle we are available for any type of function or event. We have 4 different jumping castles for u to choose from.

Clown Jumping Castle1
4mtr x 4mtr as you can see by the image it is open at the front, which allows a parent to hold the child’s hand if necessary.No Sun Shade

giraffe jumping castle14mtr x 4mtr as you can see by the image it is open at the front, which allows a parent to hold the child’s hand if necessary.Has Sun Shade
Scooby Doo1

6mtr x 5mtr also has a slide inside

Has Sun Shade



6mtr x 5mtr also has a slide inside Has Sun Shade
Costumed Characters
Mickey Mouse
Mini Mouse
In keeping with our motto Your One Stop Shop For All Your Party / Event Need we have teamed up with other business to offer the items below


Two options to choose from
Edible Cake Topper
Equipment Hire
Event Staff
Security Staff
Party Venues
Party Clean Up

Products Offered

* Party Supply’s (delivered to your door)

* Party Equipment Hire (not currently available)

* Bus Tours Want to arrange a mystery bus tour for your next function? Or just want to go pick everyone up and drop them off let Kids Party Solutions arrange it all for you.

We can arrange transport from a 21 seat people mover to 51 seat coaches

We can also arrange a variety of activities during your time with us

* Children’s Gifts (not yet available)

We can provide you with a package for your next event to maximize your children’s enjoyment whilst meeting your budget needs.

Kids Party Solutions follow a strict code of practice concerning hygiene and safety and ALL our staff have a national police check and working with children safety check.